Alexander Technique Testimonials

I looked around for an Alexander Technique teacher and I’m so glad I chose Annie.  In my individual Alexander Technique sessions she has the knack of instinctively knowing what knowledge I need, providing it in a gentle, warm and unhurried way.  I attended three terms of Annie’s Alexander Technique workshops because of how much I enjoy them and how much better I feel because of them.


I completed a 10 week course at Annie’s home when I was extremely stressed and close to burnout from my job. I was amazed to find how poor my posture had become and to learn how much tension I held in my shoulders, neck and legs. The exercises are simple and well-explained and led to a vast reduction in my stress levels and a lack of pain for the first time in a couple of years.


I was very lucky to be introduced to the Alexander Technique by way of the ATLAS trial which was organised by the Department of Health Sciences at the University of York. After a few sessions with Annie I was amazed how good it made me feel, both in terms of my pain and general wellbeing.

Annie is hugely experienced and understood my needs, which changed throughout my time with Annie. Her tuition is really easy to follow and I’ve found it useful and effective in my everyday life. Annie is sensitive and supportive, she is also fun and creates a relaxed atmosphere in which to learn the techniques.

Through Annie’s teachings I have discovered more new things about myself. Annie explained how to use the technique and its practical use in everyday life and also tailored the techniques to my individual needs and hobbies. I now think about my skeleton, I use my body differently whilst carrying out everyday activities and I have new techniques to relax.

Having had pains throughout my body and poor sleeping patterns for many years, I have found that Annie’s teaching has helped to relieve my pain and improved my sleep.  I would not hesitate to recommend Annie. 


I came across the Alexander Technique by accident a few months ago.  Before then I hadn’t heard of it. I decided to start having lessons to see if it would help with my bad back and reducing stress. I have really enjoyed my lessons with Annie and have been very surprised how much it has helped with both my back pain and my anxiety.