As a woman goes through pregnancy her body changes dramatically. Although usually a very exciting period of a woman’s life, the growth of the baby puts new stresses and strains on the body. Any unhelpful longstanding habits a woman had before she became pregnant can be exacerbated while her body is changing so rapidly. Learning to stand in balance benefits everyone, but is especially helpful to a pregnant woman as her body weight distribution changes. Developing techniques to improve breathing and reduce tension can be used effectively during pregnancy, in childbirth itself and in the recovery phase after birth.

Having Alexander Technique lessons involves the active participation of the pupil. The Technique does not involve conventional ‘exercises’, does not require special equipment and can be practised wherever and whatever a person is doing. Growing a new life is an ideal time to explore ways of looking after yourself at the same time.

Specific benefits the Technique can bring

Benefits that Alexander Technique lessons can bring during pregnancy include:

  • Coping with the new distribution of body weight as the baby grows
  • Avoiding common pregnancy complaints such as headaches and breathlessness, positions and techniques to help with labour
  • Helping with the recovery of the body after childbirth