Benefits Testimonials

I came to the Alexander Technique having read a little about the subject from books.  I was aware of my poor posture and the effect it was having on energy levels, yet none of my efforts have yielded lasting results and I was beginning to despair of my computer neck and RSI. As a teacher myself, what has really impressed me about Annie is her people skills. Subject knowledge alone is not enough….Annie has such a good rapport with her students that learning is fun and self consciousness is reduced to a minimum.  I come away from lessons with vastly improved alignment and an awareness of all the unnecessary tensions I carry. Thanks Annie.


I started to have Alexander Technique lessons when I was very ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  I was amazed to realise just how much tension I held in my body. Annie taught me ways to be aware of this tension and to learn how to release it. I have recovered fully from CFS and the Alexander Technique has helped support me through this process.


I met Annie Whitehead through the Positive Care Programme where I did 6 weeks group Alexander Technique workshops. A year later my GP recommended me as a participant in the ATLAS project. I was then randomly allocated Annie for individual lessons and had twenty lessons with her. The project was for neck pain and the sessions worked well for both my neck pain and other symptoms I have.

Since the lessons my sleep has improved. I was having broken sleep and now my sleeping is a lot better. The lessons have also reduced my pain and have helped me emotionally. I have found the lessons difficult at times but then felt uplifted later. The sessions taught me to pace myself and improved my confidence. The ATLAS project is over now, but I’ve returned to Annie to carry on our work. The Alexander Technique has greatly helped me to improve the management of my fibromyalgia.


I had weekly Alexander Technique lessons for more than six months.  The lessons are very comforting and help a lot by raising the mood and lifting the spirit.  I’ve also found the lessons awfully helpful in my everyday life. The lying down and crawling are very useful to me in offering me pain relief.