Annie Whitehead Testimonials

Annie Whitehead is a great teacher.  This was my first experience of the Alexander Technique and I’ve found it useful and effective.  Annie is generous with her expertise, clear in her instruction and is sensitive to individual needs.  She is also good humoured and creates a relaxed and happy atmosphere.  I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone wanting to explore the benefits of the Alexander Technique.


I approached the Alexander Technique out of curiosity and for clenching teeth at night.  I expected freedom from a bad physical habit and some form of relaxation.  Even after the first two or three sessions the results have been quite extraordinary in so far as they have encompassed my bodily experiences, my emotions and thoughts.  I am beginning to grasp the meaning of ‘body and mind unity’, mainly in the way I feel whole and at ease with myself.  Annie is a sympathetic teacher who guides you gently and with humour in this journey of deep discoveries.


I have been a student of the Alexander Technique for more than twenty years now. As a young pianist in my late twenties I was struggling with my physical limitations. I was fortunate to be guided by one of my ex students to Nelly Ben Or who introduced me to the teachings of Frederick Matthias Alexander, for me a revelation, a completely new way of working. I was released into a new world which knew no horizons; anything seemed possible.

Recently I felt the need to resume more regular Alexander lessons. I needed to find a gifted Alexander Technique teacher near to home and have been very fortunate to find Annie. Through Annie’s teachings I have discovered yet more new things about myself. Some things which I had not fully understood are now acquiring greater clarity since I started working with her. She is helping me to find new directions on my journey, new directions to direct myself towards.