Who Uses the Alexander Technique?

Who uses the Alexander Technique?

Everyone can benefit from exploring the Alexander Technique. People often start to use the Alexander Technique for one of five main reasons:

  • Professional development
  • To reduce pain
  • To improve sports performance
  • To deal with ill health
  • To improve wellbeing

Professional development

Actors, musicians and business people all use the technique extensively. Actors and musicians often receive free Alexander Technique lessons when they are training and are culturally accustomed to using the Technique for professional reasons and then continue to have lessons throughout their working life.  Reasons for having lessons include the improvement of performance and prevention of injury. Business people use the Alexander Technique for many reasons such as to improve confidence and enhance presentation skills.

To reduce pain

Many people have lessons to alleviate pain, stress or discomfort.  People with sore or stiff backs, chronic neck pain, Repetitive Strain Injury, regular headaches or migraines and many other specific issues turn to the Technique to learn skills to reduce their pain and manage their condition better.

To improve sporting performance

A lot of professional sports men and women routinely use the Alexander Technique to improve their performance and reduce the likelihood of injury.  Several Alexander Teachers specialise in providing running lessons.  Horse riders routinely use the Technique and some Alexander Teachers also provide lessons specifically for this profession. Many swimmers also use the Technique to improve their enjoyment as well as performance.

To deal with ill health

People with many debilitating conditions such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Cancer, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinsons Disease all turn to the Alexander Technique to help them manage their condition more effectively.

To improve wellbeing

Some clients start exploring the Alexander Technique when they have no specific problem with their health. They come for lessons as they simply wish to become more at ease with their body and gain an increased sense of well-being. Many women use Alexander Technique to support pregnancy and childbirth.