Alexander Technique and Sports

Many Olympic athletes have used the Alexander Technique to improve their sporting performance. Almost all top class equestrians take Alexander Technique lessons and the British Olympic team are no exception. Decathlete and gold medal winner Daley Thompson and many Olympic standard rowers have used the Alexander Technique to gain an edge on their competitors. A tiny improvement in performance can be the difference between gaining a medal or coming last in a final. For sports people whose pinnacle of achievement is an Olympic medal, this chance only comes round once every four years! The ability to perform to the same level as usual, when under intense pressure, can be learnt through the Alexander Technique. Sports people can use Alexander Technique lessons to enhance general fitness, improve their technique, reduce the likelihood of injury and speed up their recovery from injury.

Specific Benefits to Sports People

The ability to think when in the thick of sporting activity can improve performance. Benefits include:

  • Improving reflexes, balance and co-ordination
  • Reducing muscular tension
  • Improving breathing
  • Helping recovery
  • Reducing the likelihood of injury
  • Learning to perform ‘in the moment’

Alexander Technique teachers who specialise in sports

Any good Alexander Technique teacher can improve both your wellbeing and sports performance. Annie was a keen sports player as a child and played both hockey and tennis to county level. She uses this experience and knowledge, in tandem with her Alexander Technique expertise, to help clients improve their sporting performance. The natural spirals all Alexander Technique teachers explore in their work are a very useful skill to master for many sports including football, rugby and racquet sports.

Malcolm Balk specialises in running workshops and lessons. He lives in Canada and provides workshops in the UK every year. Annie has attended his running workshops twice and would recommend them. These are held at various venues around the UK and includes London.

Stephen Shaw is a world famous teacher who provides specialist Alexander Technique lessons in swimming. He has taught both Olympic standard swimmers and recreational swimmers. Courses are available regularly in the UK.